The Ultimate Moving Checklist

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

2 Months before Moving

  • Create a Moving Binder. This can be a physical binder, or Google Drive folder! This is where you’ll keep all your to-do lists, receipts,
    contracts and any other files you need for your move.
  • Decide on a moving budget.
  • Get Estimates from at least 3 moving companies.
  • Request time off for moving day
  • Plan to get rid of items you don’t need
  • Garage Sale
  • Donations
  • Trash
  • Create a Room-By
  • Room inventory for insurance
  • Research and choose schools and doctors
  • Request transcripts for your kids, get medical records for the whole family
  • Get updated pet records, find out if you will need to license your pet in your new home
  • Back Up Computers, Files and Photos
  • Organize and pack financial and legal records, and make sure you have copies in case anything happens to them

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6 Weeks Before Moving

  • Choose your moving company
  • Read all contracts before you sign them
  • Confirm your moving company’s DOT number
  • Tell important parties about your move
  • Request a change of address from the post office
  • Notify your children’s current schools, your doctor and other service providers
  • Talk to your insurance company, and find out if you need to switch or change your policy
  • Notify utility companies, tv and internet providers that you will need to stop or change service.
  • Notify subscription services about your change of address
  • Measure doorways, stairways, and elevators to make sure all your furniture will fit.
  • Order packing supplies, or begin collecting free boxes from friends and local businesses
  • Ask if there are requirements for moving from your landlord
  • Give them your new address for your safety deposit check
  • Address any important home repairs
  • Have vehicles serviced if you’re moving long-distance
  • Label your moving boxes, marking those for fragile items
    and numbering all the boxes
  • Pack a little bit each day to make packing easier
  • Start with items you rarely use, such as seasonal decorations!
  • Research your new community
  • Spend time with family and friends, especially if you are
    moving far away

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One Month Before Moving

  • Reserve your moving date with your chosen moving company
  • Make travel arrangements if flying or staying in a hotel before your move
  • Pack important documents such as birth certificates and passports to keep with you during the move, so they are easy to get to if you
    need them!
  • Plan out where furniture will be in your new home.
    Measure furniture and room dimensions if possible, to create a layout
  • Fill any prescriptions you need and make sure you’ll have enough to last until you have a new doctor/pharmacy
  • Transfer your bank and credit card accounts to your new address
  • Set up tv and internet accounts for your new home
  • Schedule any required installations and a start date
  • Confirm parking options for your moving truck – you may need a permit for moving day.
  • Purchase moving insurance: this will protect your belongings en route!
  • Start the process of enrolling your kids in their chosen school
    Make a moving day playlist!

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2 Weeks Before Moving

  • Confirm your move in day with your real estate agent
  • Confirm moving day plans with your moving company
    Begin packing in earnest
  • Create a list of the items in each box, and keep it in your
    moving binder
  • Return library books and anything you’ve borrowed from friends
  • Collect anything you’ve loaned to friends, things in storage and
    anything you have in safety deposit boxes
  • Discontinue regular services like newspaper delivery, trash
    pick-up and lawn service.
  • Schedule servicing for any appliances that are moving with you
  • Make a moving plan for large items, such as your swing set,
    trampoline and satellite TV antenna
  • If you have house plants, decide how they will be shipped
    Make a “Moving Day Bag”
  • Include snacks for the drive, clothes, medications, toiletries
    and any electronics you will need. These will go with you, not
    on the truck!
  • Confirm the end date for utilities, phone and tv services at your
    current residence.
  • Confirm the start date for services in your new home!
  • Cancel or transfer your gym membership
    Start using up food in your pantry and freezer.
  • Don’t buy much at the store right now; you don’t want to
    have to throw out food on moving day, or pay extra to
    move nonperishable foods.
  • Arrange for child and pet care during your move to keep them
    safe and happy
  • Have your mail forwarded
  • Clean outdoor furniture and bring it inside, so it is clean for the move.
  • Have a moving party! Celebrate with friends about this new
    chapter in your life!
  • Important: DISPOSE of flammable items, bleach, cleaning
    fluids and aerosol cans. DO NOT pack these.
  • For Social Security Beneficiaries: change your address for
    benefits within 10 days of moving by notifying the SSA, the
    department of Veterans Affairs and the IRS

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The Week Of Your Move

  • Use up all your frozen foods, or gift them to family and friends
  • Clean out your refrigerator. If moving the fridge, defrost
    and dry before moving day
  • Donate nonperishable foods that you can’t take with you.
  • Take out cash for tipping your moving crew
  • Finish packing everything but the essentials to get you to
    moving day
  • Confirm your travel plans
  • Say goodbye to neighbors
  • Begin cleaning empty rooms
  • Double check shelves and closets for any items you’ve
  • Collect keys and garage door openers to give to your real estate
    agent for the new owners
  • Check the weather for your moving day, and be prepared for rain
    or snow
  • Take photos of your home for insurance purposes, just in case!
  • Make sure your credit card company knows you are moving.
  • Purchases in a new location can cause your card to be
    flagged or declined!
  • Pack a suitcase to live out of for the last couple days before
    the move (and until you’ve unpacked the rest of your clothes
    in your new home)
  • Schedule a final walkthrough of your home with the real
    estate agent
  • Dispose of any debris you are leaving behind
  • Pack outdoor items. Be sure to drain gasoline from any
    outdoor equipment!
  • Make a “worst case scenario” plan in case your movers run
  • Pack supplies that you’ll need immediately in a separate box
    to be unloaded first at your new home.
  • Drain your outdoor hose, as well as the hoses for your
    washing machine and ice maker, if taking appliances with you.
2 friends and a truck logo cap kept on box

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Moving Day

  • Check all your boxes, make sure they are properly closed and labeled
  • Double-check your home to make sure you didn’t miss anything!
  • Plan to be home when your movers arrive
  • Check the USDOT number on the side of your moving truck. It must match the number on the contract you signed!
  • This will help you
    avoid moving scams.
  • Protect your floors and carpets
  • Sign the movers’ inventory list and get a copy to ensure that nothing is lost en route.
  • Turn off lights, lock all windows and doors as you leave. If you are renting, drop off your keys with your building manager!
  • Make sure you have your “moving day bag” with enough supplies to hold you over until the unpacking is complete
  • Get to your new home early and check that utilities are connected
  • Make a safe path for movers to navigate
  • Remember to tip your movers!
  • Thank your real estate agent
  • Make your bed, unpack the necessities and take a nap! You did it!!

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After Your Move

  • Try to unpack within 2 weeks of living at your new home. Take it slow, but don’t let boxes just sit there!
  • Set up your home security
  • Change the locks if possible
  • Have a housewarming party!
  • Make a note of any immediate home repairs that need to be made
  • Clean your new home and check the status of your appliances, furnace, pipes and chimney
  • Consider cleaning the carpets
  • Hang on to receipts from your move and make sure there are no discrepancies in your charges
  • If you’ve moved to a new state or county, update your:
    Voter registration
    Car insurance, title and registration
  • Get new checks with your updated address!
  • Settle in and get to know your new home and community!
  • Leave a review of your experience with your moving company

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